Top Tip To Cleaning Your Yoga Mat

Is your yoga mat smelling a little funky?

Want to clean your yoga mat but don’t know where to start? Can’t get rid of the sweat smells in your mat? Or do you have sensitive skin and prefer not to use chemical cleaners on your mats?

Here is our top tip on how to clean your yoga mat that is doing to solve all your problems.

During downward dogs and crane poses, your yoga mat accumulates sweat, lint, skin oil and other debris. But the biggest contributor to the stink? The bacteria from your skin and sweat. They grow and breed on your mat as time goes by and can be quite a pain to really get rid of.

What’s Our Secret To Keeping Fresh Clean Mats?

Our secret is to use a probiotic cleaner like the Oommi Multipurpose Cleaner. It effectively kills bad bacteria and removes odours, biofilms and oil. Plus, it is mild enough so it doesn’t damage your mat. 

Probiotic products are the future of sustainable living and cleaning. It is an incredible new form of non-toxic cleaning that is safe for you and the planet. Unlike chemical cleaners or antibacterial products used to kill all bacteria, probiotic cleaners replenishes surfaces with beneficial bacteria and:-

• Reduce rather than fuel antimicrobial resistance.

• Reduce the numbers of harmful bacteria in the environment in a safe and mechanical way.

• Reduce the risk of contracting bacterial infections – and so reduce the need for antibiotics.

To understand more on what probiotics are and how probiotic cleaners work, check out our Why Probiotics section on our website.

How To Use?

It’s so easy! Just spray and leave for a few minutes to kill the bad bacteria then wipe off with a damp cloth and let it air dry before storing it away. 

This doesn’t just apply to your yoga mat. You can use this on all your yoga and gym equipment!

Have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to clean your mat and equipment often? Don’t worry! There is another solution for you. Instead of an alcohol or disinfectant, try our Air and Fabric spray. It is a great way to keep your mat and equipment fresh and fight off odour and bad bacteria in between cleans.

We believe in a true and responsible clean.

All our cleaners are non-toxic, cruelty free, biodegradable and free of nasties like SLS/SLES, parabens and alcohol. 

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