Bad bacteria are generally the main cause of problematic hygiene, odor, health and safety in our homes, work and public places. Our environment is constantly polluted with dust, dirt and waste which attract and house the bad bacteria. Bad bacteria can produce and hide underneath protective layers of biofilms. Detergents, soaps and common cleaning agents can clean the surfaces of the biofilms but are ineffective to destroy the biofilms and kill the bad bacteria.


We believe probiotic products are the direction of the future and the next step towards sustainable living and cleaning. Our company started as a means to provide what we believe to be life changing products to the people who need them.

It started with the knowledge from research that found daily use of conventional chemical products do not just endanger our environment, but can no longer clean / care with optimal efficiency. The overuse of cleaners, disinfectants and antibiotics today is causing pathogenic bacteria to begin developing resistance to these chemical agents, making these products dangerous for us as they cause biological imbalances and promote the risk of bacterial infections. 

Learning this has led us to find a solution to this issue by formulating a range of high quality probiotic cleaners made to keep you healthier and your home cleaner and safer the natural way. Our products ensure safe and optimal sustainable cleaning, setting us apart from other β€œtraditional” cleaning products.

Naturally we continued along this path hoping to bring further benefit to our customers and branched out into our pet care, plant care and health supplement range.

OOMMI Probiotics products ranges from Home Care, Personal Care, Pet Care and Supplements to Agriculture, Aquaculture, Composting and Wastewater Treatment.