Probiotics For Pet Care Internally & Externally

Pets are and have been a big part of human life for thousands of years. They are no longer just considered companion animals but our best friends. Research has shown that the bond between people and their pets can bring various benefits to us, such as increasing fitness, lowering stress, and elevating happiness. As pet owners, providing our pets with proper care and a nutritionally balanced diet is our responsibility and the least we can do for them in return. 

However, microbiome imbalances in our pets make it easier for them to be exposed to pathogens and harmful environmental influences. Therefore, for the safety of both pets and owners, it is important to search for ways to protect our pets and their health. 

Specific probiotic strains and/or their defined combinations may be useful in pet nutrition, therapy, and care. Probiotic supplementations have been successful in the prevention and treatment of acute gastroenteritis, treatment of IBD, and prevention of allergy in companion animals. New challenges for probiotic applications include maintenance of obesity and weight, urogenital tract infections, Helicobacter gastritis and parasitic infections. Probiotics of human origin appear to be among the new promising tools for the maintenance of pet health internally. 


However, external care of our pets with probiotics are equally essential to internal care. Probiotic external care products work as amazing natural cleaners that don’t just effectively eliminate bad bacteria, remove unpleasant odours, dirt and grime on your pets but also biofilm on a microscopic level.

Here at OOMMI Probiotics we are proud to introduce to you the future of pet hygiene. Our Probiotic Pet Care products range from shampoos and cleaners to odour sprays and even laundry liquids. They are formulated from a powerful blend of live beneficial microbes, cultured using an advanced Japanese technology. It is super gentle on both you and your pet’s skin yet tough on bad bacteria, odour dirt and grime – a true clean, unlike anything you’ve seen. We believe safe and natural probiotic products will always provide a better impact on general health and wellbeing as well as health maintenance for our pets internally and externally.


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