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Probiotics For Pet Care Internally & Externally

  However, external care of our pets with probiotics are equally essential to internal care. Probiotic external care products work as amazing natural cleaners that don’t just effectively eliminate bad bacteria, remove unpleasant odours, dirt and grime on your pets but also biofilm on a microscopic level. Here at OOMMI Probiotics we are proud to […]

Why & How You Should Use A Lingerie Wash

  How to use? Hand wash using 1-3 caps for a small load and 3-5 caps for a medium load. For optimal effectiveness, soak corset/innerwear before washing. Do not mix with any other detergents or softeners. Suitable for all fabrics. It is safe to use on corsets, bras, scarfs, shape wear, underwear, stockings, tights, and […]