The Break Down Of OOMMI Probiotic Cleaners – Science Based Evidence

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you. They are often called “good” or “beneficial” bacteria and are an incredible new form of non-toxic cleaning. There is growing scientific research and evidence that show how probiotics are actually amazing and effective natural cleaners, unlike most antibacterial and chemical cleaners that may be working against the natural ecological balance, allowing pathogenic bacteria to begin developing resistance.

OOMMI Probiotic products are formulated with a powerful blend of live microbes using an advanced Japanese technology. The probiotics don’t only break down organic dirt and grime, but also kill bad bacteria, neutralise bad odours and remove biofilm formation on a microscopic level [1] to ensure a clean and safe environment for you and your family.

Our products are specially formulated with a blend of naturally stabilised probiotics suspended in purified water with bio-surfactants (vegetable/coconut derivatives), glycerin (food grade) and organic apple scent or coconut/rose essence (food grade). Glycerin is an edible food source for the good microbes to multiply easily whereas it is also gentle to your skin especially those with sensitive skin problems. There are no added preservatives, chemical or enzymes, chemical fragrances or colours, and no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Our products are considered completely safe to use around humans and pets.

What are Biofilms?

Biofilms can form on surfaces when our home is continuously exposed to dust, dirt, oil and waste which attract bad bacteria and emit odours. Bad bacteria can form and hide under the layer of biofilm on the surfaces of floors, walls, windows, doors, furniture and appliances. The biofilms act as protection for bad bacteria against chemical cleaners, allowing them to continue contaminating your surfaces. 

Our probiotics can naturally and effectively penetrate and break down biofilm buildup, dirt, allergens, while preventing bad bacteria growth and keeping away odour problems. When cleaning with probiotics, a layer of probiotics/beneficial bacteria is left behind on the surface, ensuring long-lasting after-effects as they are able to clean a lot deeper into the surface, remove biofilm and keep bad bacteria at bay [2]. The revolutionary trend now is to use probiotic products comprising of good microbes to maintain continuous presence of good microbes in our environment for a green, clean and healthy lifestyle. 

Probiotic cleaners prevent infection – Proven by Scientific Research on Hospital Surfaces

Unlike common disinfectants or chemicals cleaners, probiotics kill only bad bacteria and create a healthy microflora on the surfaces. They reduce the risk of infection and easily penetrate cracks, crevices and surface pores, providing deeper cleaning and longer odour control.

Proven scientific research shows that probiotic-based detergents significantly reduce the presence of pathogenic bacteria contaminations on hospital surfaces through probiotic-based cleaning procedures [3]. 

We believe probiotic products are the direction of the future and the next step towards sustainable living and cleaning. Our company started as a means to provide what we believe to be life changing products to the people who need them. Our OOMMI Probiotic cleaners range from home care personal care products to baby care and pet care. 


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