What Are Plant Probiotics?

Have you recently come across plant probiotics but can’t quite figure out what they do? There’s a reason why these boosters are becoming so popular among plant parents today. Here’s our guide on why you should add probiotics to you plant care routine.

Just like how probiotics keep us healthy, they keep our plants healthy too. Plant probiotics are simply naturally occurring plant and soil associated bacteria. They act as a supplement for the soil and plants and are a safe and natural way to boost plant heath and growth unlike chemical pesticides and fertilisers that can hurt your soil and hinder, or even kill, beneficial microbes that your plants need. 

Probiotics effectively break down organic material that we add to the soil, like compost and fertilisers, just as they would break down twigs, branches or earthworms that have died and begun to decompose. Plants that are protected by a healthy probiotic habitat can deal better with pest attacks and more immune to moulds, diseases, pathogens and other stresses.

In a nutshell, plant probiotics help:

  • Enhance the growth of plants including yield
  • Boost plant immunity
  • Improve the efficiency of compost, other nutrients, and fertilisers. 
  • Fight off disease and pathogens
  • Help your plants absorb sunlight, water and nutrients better
  • Improve soil microorganism activities, aeration, water retention


The OOMMI Probiotics Plant & Flower is a concentrated probiotic solution formulated from a powerful blend of beneficial microbes which are cultured using an advanced Japanese technology. It is a natural and safe solution made without any nasty unnecessary ingredients. To use, simply dilute the amount needed 1:10 (one part OOMMI to 10 parts water) and spray/water into soil. You can use it any time of the year and during any stage of your plant’s growth.

Remember to finish the diluted amount on the day for best effectiveness. Do not mix with any chemicals and/or pesticides. Suitable for all types of flowers and plants.

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