Spring Cleaning Tips

Finding it hard to complete the Spring Cleaning of your house?

Let Oommi Probiotics help you speed up the progress! Here is our step-by-step cleaning guide to get your home spick and span and ready to usher in the New Year!

 Prepare housecleaning essentials including some cloth, a pail of water, trash bags, and the Oommi Probiotic Spring Cleaning Set.

1. Bathroom

First on the list—The Bathroom. It’s always a good idea for the bathroom to be the first place to start scrubbing.

What you need: Oommi Multipurpose Cleaner and cloth

Be sure to remove any clutter from the sink, and above the toilet tank. Then, spray all surfaces with Oommi Multipurpose Cleaner and allow it to sit for a few minutes while you attend to other tasks. Don’t forget to cover every corner of the bathroom, especially surfaces that biofilm can easily form. Follow by spraying and wiping down your bathroom mirror, then move to focus on areas like the toilet bowl. Spray on the toilet seat and toilet bowl, and leave to soak. At the end of your cleaning session, brush and flush.

Note: Did you know? The Oommi Multipurpose Cleaner is a great replacement for chemical glass cleaners and toilet bowl cleaners! That means less products to buy, less money spent and less bottles of cleaners taking up space around the house.

 The bathroom is the first and last place you visit during your cleaning session.

2. Bedroom

Start by making the bed – it is a simple chore that instantly makes your room look neater and tidier.

What you need: Oommi Laundry, Air & Fabric and Multipurpose Cleaner

Remove the old bed sheets and dumb into the washing machine along with 3 caps of Oommi Probiotics Laundry. Then head back to spray the mattress, pillow and blanket with Oommi Probiotics Air & Fabric before finally making the bed with a set of clean sheets. Remember to take a look around and make sure any dirty clothes lying around make their way into the laundry hamper.

Note: Do not add/mix any softeners or detergents with Oommi Probiotic Laundry. Spray Air & Fabric into the air to release millions of live probiotics into the air. the good microbes help you continue to clean for the days.

3. Kitchen

The toughest room in the house —it’s a war with oily surfaces, flies and ants.

What you need: Oommi Multipurpose Cleaner, brush and cloth

It is always best to begin by collecting and washing all remaining dirty dishes and cups from around the house.

After that, move on to scrub and wipe down all surfaces of the kitchen. It is important to start from the top of the kitchen and slowly make your way down, which means floors get cleaned last. This way the dust and grime from the stove, hob, cabinets and counters won’t fall on freshly cleaned floors. 

Note: For stubborn grease stains, spray Oommi Multipurpose Cleaner and leave for 5-10 mins before scrubbing and wiping down the sprayed area.

4. Living Room

If you’re having guests over, there’s a good chance that they will be spending a lot of time in the living room, so you mustn’t overlook this area.

What you need: Oommi Multipurpose Cleaner, Air & Fabric, a vacuum/broom, a pail of water and mop

Be sure to remove or put away any clutter from all surfaces and remove any trash. Then, give the floors a through sweep/vacuum and mop with Oommi Probiotics Multipurpose Cleaner.

Keep in mind that the entryway to your home is a prime spot for clutter—keys, bags, shoes, and other items can typically be found here.

Note: Leave the mopping for last and mop all floors of your home at the same time. Spray the house with Oommi Probiotics Air and Fabric as a perfect final touch.

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